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Looking for a Professional in the Wedding field?

We offer you the following services:

  • Wedding&Event Specialists
  • Destination Wedding&Event Planners
  • Masters of Ceremony for Symbolic Weddings

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A new professional service is becoming essential in the luxury accommodation facilities’ Hotel list of the most important cities in the World: the Wedding&Event Specialist.

Who is the Wedding&Event Specialist?

  • he/she is an expert in the field  with a new and specific professional view over wedding&event planning, providing a full assistance service for all the couples looking for getting married or a private party in Italy.

The profile of the Wedding&Event Specialist is an added value to your Management and it is necessary to improve your Customer Care service: the Wedding&Event Specialist offers a bespoke assistance to couples who have already booked a stay at your Hotel and who are planning a wedding , an anniversary, a private party or a marriage proposal in your Town.

The profile of the Wedding&Event Specialist supports the already existing organizational chart and list of facilities of your Hotel.

  • Which is the convenience for your customer? They can avoid the (high) costs of a Wedding&Event Planner and can have a bespoke on-site assistance (Destination Planner), who can follow them from paperwork collecting to booking and managing the whole process of the event, with a customized Wedding&Event Program including all the services booked.
  • Which is the convenience for the overseas Wedding Planners your Hotel use to work with? They can find a support on a specialist who knows how to locally move, who to contact and to deal with, who knows the timing both for the bureaucratic and logistical paperworks in organizing the event (from the ceremony to the wedding reception or private party), and who knows the latest trends.
  • Which is the convenience for your top-rated Hotel? The chance to give an added value to your Hotel targets, following and customizing a bespoke customer assistance, relying on a professional expert in the field, with an excellent knowledge of the Luxury Hotel Industry.
  • Which kind of clients does the Wedding&Event Specialist address to? Mainly to people coming from abroad. Non-Italian couples wishing to marry in a Town Hall (civil legally binding) or in a Church (religious value) need assistance with paperworks, but not all citizenships have the same requirements: there are those who can arrive the day before because the Wedding&Event Specialist provides for them to conclude the paperwork process, while, for other citizenships, their presence on site is required a few days before as they must present, in person, at their Consulate or Consular Agency to finalize the Nulla Osta for the legally binding wedding.

There are many aspects of the “Wedding&Event Specialist” profile that, as already mentioned, does not replace in any way the current staff in your organizational Hotel chart, but rather it does integrate the system, offering an added value.

The Wedding&Event Specialist is a professional, serious, careful, precise and discreet person, who is 100% dedicated to your customer.

The Wedding&Event Specialist is the professional profile required by many customers, especially from the US: they look for somebody to realize their desires and expectations. A Wedding&Event Specialist makes their dreams come true.

The profile of the Wedding&Event Specialist also provides suggestions and plan of actions to the Hotel itself, in order to study new lines of marketing and advertisement based on the Wedding&Event industry lines, adding also suggestions and changes to the layout of the web page, images and text.

The Wedding&Event Specialist is the profile your Company need to grow up the rich business of Wedding&Event field.



Who is the Destination Wedding&Event Planner?

  • He/she is a professional who provides events’ services (ceremony, reception and all the extra services required) to clients coming from European Union and non-European Countries and wishing to get married in Italy. The Destination Wedding Planner resolves and handles of paperwork section (for a legally binding wedding in a Church or Town Hall) and deals with all the suppliers involved in the planning of the event. Moreover this, the Destination Wedding&Event Planner deals of all the services your Guests need during their stay at your Hotel: from pick up to private tours, to dining suggestions and experiences.

Which services does the Destination Wedding&Event Planner provide?

  • Assistance for the Civil/Catholic/Protestant/Symbolic Ceremony performed in Italy
  • Assistance on planning renewal of vows or marriage proposals
  • Feasibility study based on the budget of B&G
  • Assistance on planning the whole event and dealing with all the suppliers for extra services (transfers, photo/video service, make up… etc)
  • Civil Officiant to perform the ceremony in Italian (Civil Ceremony)
  • Interpreter for Civil Ceremony as required by Law (Civil Ceremony)
  • Full paperwork assistance (Civil and/or Catholic Ceremony) according to the citizenship of B&G
  • providing a Master of Ceremony (Symbolic Ceremony)
  • providing translation and legalization of the paperwork (Civil and/or Catholic Ceremony)
  • booking of the Wedding Town Hall (Civil Ceremony) or the Church (Catholic Ceremony)
  • customized setting up and floral design of the event (Ceremony+Reception)
  • dealing with suppliers to offer a Guests Experience
  • a personal Wedding Coordinator & Supervisor on the Wedding Day
  • a personal Guests Experience Coordinator & Supervisor during the stay
  • a pre-meeting the day before the ceremony
  • Wedding&Guest Experience program with schedule of all the stay
  • Marriage Certificate issuing fees, plus international, translated version following the wedding 
  • Welcome back follow-up
  • Guests’ relation deal after the stay (special offers&gifts)



Male or female, the Master of Ceremony is the one in charge to conduct Symbolic Ceremonies which can take place in any location: beautiful and green gardens, private historical palaces, ancient building or sea-view venues. The Master of Ceremony follow Bride&Groom on the writing of their personal vows and the text of the ceremony, suggesting readings or passages fitting their desires.


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  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese


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